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Productivity Awards

Productivity Awards 2015

Productivity SA has recognised and awarded more than a 100 different enterprises both in the public and private sectors for their efforts in improving and sustaining productivity.

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Operation Phakisa to fast track NDP

OPERATION Phakisa is a presidential, results-driven initiative, involving setting clear plans and targets, on-going monitoring of progress and making these results public. Inspired by the "Big Fast Results" methodology successfully applied by Malaysia, Operation Phakisa, from the Sesotho word meaning "hurry up", aims to fast track the delivery of priorities outlined in the country's National Development Plan with regard to the oceans economy.

Training for productivity

A WOMAN saunters through the mall window shopping and a handbag catches her eye. She must have it. The bag costs $86 but she has to pay in South African rands. If the exchange rate is eight US cents to RI, how much does the bag cost in South African money?


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Commitment means you see a thing through and remain dedicated even when faced with challenges. Productivity is producing more satisfaction with less effort. So, if you have set yourself a goal to get things done, stick to it, but try and be innovative in solving the challenge - that way - less effort! The best thing about commitment is that great sense of success when your goal is finally achieved.